SiteGround – Reviews and Comparison

Site Ground is a little different from the rest, in that it’s more of a tradition web host that also offers automatic updates to WordPress core and plugins, and also offers a staging site. Unlike other managed hosts, it is not dedicated exclusively to WordPress.


Perhaps what defines the pros and cons of SiteGround is that it provides CPanel, a traditional and robust way to manage your shared hosting environment. CPanel is neither good nor bad, just like a manual car is neither good or bad. Driving an automatic car requires less constant configuration, but some people prefer the fine-tuned control of a manual.

If you don’t know what CPanel is, our recommendation is that you don’t choose SiteGround lightly. But if you want every ounce of control (and with control comes having to spend time refining and tweaking) then give SiteGround a shot.

SiteGround CPanel Managed WordPress Hosting

SiteGround cPanel Screenshot

Managed Host features

While SiteGround is a traditional host, it has tons of managed host features. It will automatically update your Worpdress core and plugins. It offers a staging environment, and it offers the ability to self-restore your environment. If you want all that and the ability to run Joomla, then SiteGround is the easy winner.

On top of that, it doesn’t limit the number of sites you have, so in theory you could have as many as you want.