Pressable – Reviews and Comparison

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Pressable used to be known as ZippyKid, but was rebranded in November 2013. With this marketing change they lowered the number of monthly pageviews but increased the number of web sites you could host with them at their base package. So if you need to host 5 websites with low traffic, Pressable is probably your choice.

Pressable is what you get when a company is run by an engineer. They are incredibly dedicated to the quality of their offering, and the customer experience, but marketing seems like an afterthought.

Case in point, they are the only company to and include free Gravity Forms in their offering, and one of the few with a staging area and an included CDN. They also offer a one click MX Settings configuration tool (screenshot below). But that information doesn’t jump out at you on the website when you are considering them – instead you have to read carefully.

One comment on their staging area – it is more a second free site than a staging area. With WP Engine, you can clone back and forth between your staging area and production site. With Pressable, you have to manually make the changes a second time in your production site or use a third party tool.

Pressable - email configuration overview

Like other quality managed WordPress hosts, they allow for multiple ‘collaborators’, or people with SFTP credentials and their own unique password.

And while this feature isn’t included, anyone with limited time and an interest in getting high quality service will appreciate their migration service. For $250 they will migrate your entire website for you. Anyone who’s ever fussed around trying to do this manually will appreciate this process.

Pressable Request a Migration

Where they could be stronger: there’s not much lacking with Pressable. For some people, the lack of Multisite support might be a deal-breaker. They don’t have WP Engine’s one click restore, but Pressable has a fairly seamless integrated backup utility, and you can use Amazon or Rackspace for this.¬†Other than that, they have an incredibly strong offering. Overall, they are hard to beat.