Marketing Tools for WordPress Websites

A/B Test your Website

You might think you know what you want, but only your site visitors do. Whether you are trying to get your visitors to read more, fill out a form, download a pdf, or make a purchase, without A/B testing you’re operating in the dark.

I use Visual Website Optimizer on all of my websites, and I’ve been incredibly happy with it. The reason I like them is they give you all the features at the most basic price point. Getting full multivariate testing at only $49 a month is incredibly attractive. I also like how I can run VWO on as many domains as I want.

One of the easiest ways to understand the power of this is to make two YouTube videos (or one video with a different voice over, etc.) and try to guess which one will result in higher sales. And then put both up on your website. VWO will give half your visitors one video, half the other, and at the end of the day/week/month (when you have enough traffic for a statistically significant answer) you’ll know which one results in more conversions. And for people who monetize their website, conversions equal money in the bank.

Optimizely is another popular one, but I don’t like how I have to pay (as of Oct 2013) $399 per month for multivariate testing. I think of that as an essential feature.

Per-Visitor Analytics & Tracking

Google Analytics is free, but it’s also aggregated – meaning you never know what one individual visitor did. Sometimes you want to see and follow certain visitors, and get deeper insight into your readers or potential customers.

I also use Clicky for website analytics. I think they are hands down the best analytics tool for individual visitor insight. They will tell you the visitor’s IP Address and ISP they are registered to. For corporate visitors, that means you’ll often know the company they are coming from because larger companies are associated with a specific IP address.

I’ve also played around with MixPanel a bit, and like the fact you can do a lot at their lower level pricing plan, especially if you’re willing to add a badge to your website – then you can use their tool on your site with some small to medium traffic.

Talk to Them

Ever wish you could talk to your website visitors? Frustrated that only 4% fill in the Contact Us form?

Well, you can reach out and chat to them directly. There are a lot of tools out there, but I like the pricing and simplicity of Olark. We use it to communicate with our clients when they are on our website by actively initiating a conversation with them. Most don’t respond, but a few do and that helps our sales.