WP Personality Test What Host Should You Use?

El Cheapo

Strapped for cash? Feeling the pinch? Lightning Base for you, as it’s the cheapest hands down.

The Developer

Like to Develop? Thing Git is awesome and wish you had a staging area you could use before pushing to production? Then WP Engine to the rescue.

The Marketer

Who cares about hosting! Content is King and SEO is the road to heaven. For the true believers, we have Synthesis, which tracks social, SERP, keyword density, and reports historical trends.

The Paranoid

Lookout, they’re coming to get you!

Automatic and manual hacks are on the rise, so why not be a bit concerned about security? Page.ly makes it its mission to be the most secure, most robust, and most protected managed WordPress host.

The Control Freak

Can’t survive without the ability to access your files through the shell, or use CPanel? Want to host not just WordPress but Joomla and anything else your heart desires? SiteGround is a traditional host on steroids, with aspects of a managed host. It tries to combine the best of each world. If you must tweak, then SiteGround is your choice.