Lightning Base – Reviews and Comparison

Lightning Base barely made it onto the list of Managed WordPress Hosting solutions because it specializes in WordPress only, and it has an integrated CDN. Other than that, it’s lack of features makes it less useful to someone who needs true managed hosting. The upshot is that it’s the absolute cheapest – about a third of the price of the other solutions.

WIth Lightning Base, the number one thing you will miss are WordPress Automatic Updates. With every other provider out there, when WordPress updates from one version to another, they install the latest version for you. With Lightning Base, you have to manually log in and update your WordPress site. And if you have 20 WordPress sites, that means updating 20 individual sites. Oy Vey! So while you might save some money each month, upgrades will require far more of your time. Or worse, you’ll forget to do it and your site will be hacked.

If it is hacked, Lightning Base won’t scan for it. Most other providers also provide active Malware scanning and removal, but this is something else you don’t get. Finally, while Lightning Base does do daily backups, you have to file a support request with them to restore it, compared to some of the one-click backup and restore features offered by other sites.

Lightning Base has 3 things going for it:

  • An amazingly low price
  • CDN included at all price levels
  • Multisite available at all site levels

Recomendation: If you need the speed of managed wordpress hosting with the lowest price possible, and you don’t mind sacrificing a few features, then Lightning Base is your choice.