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Repost – 5 Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

Rita Ramonez has written a post at InfoTales on 5 Reasons why you should use WordPress Managed Hosting. ┬áIt’s a good article, and I encourage you to read it.

In short summary, she lists

  1. Proper tech support
  2. Automatic and on-time updates of WordPress software
  3. Enhanced security
  4. Constant and continuing site maintenance
  5. Value for money

I’d like to touch on Value for Money – most people I’ve talked to about Managed WordPress Hosting always mention what they see as a high price. Yes, $30 a month is more than $3 a month. But the question is, is that additional $27 a month worth the peace of mind, stability, security, and time savings you get? I’d say yes.

I’d also say there’s a major point missed – SPEED! Managed hosting makes your site faster. Curious how fast (or slow) your site is? Check out Pingdom’s speed tool.